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In Studio


I have created a lovely studio space for my clients to come and be pampered. Each session includes styling with a professional hair and make up artist. If you are a bride to be who wants a beautiful boudoir book to give her groom, a mother who wants stunning images with her children, a working professional who needs to give attention to your personal branding (or have the perfect image for your LinkedIn profile), studio sessions are designed to make you feel and look your very best. I invite you to rediscover your most beautiful self.  

“ As a real estate agent, I attribute the successful start in my career to my branding session with Emily Matheson. The photos from my session with her are the first impression investors and potential clients usually have of me. She was able to capture a stunning and professional impression of my best self. This gave me the confidence to move forth in my field embodying that persona and professionalism. I use the digital copies of her work on all of my marketing. If my name is on it, so is this amazing photograph. Receiving a personal branding session has truly proved itself as priceless and I would recommend it to all working professionals.  

-Jessica Anderson

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